Q: Which is the best country to study abroad?

A: You are the sole person to decide about this. However, there are some outstanding Universities which you can opt for and Foreign Studies is there to help you out.

Q: How to find a study abroad program on www.foreignstudies.org?

A: You can find programs through our Study Abroad option in the top bar of the website. Select the country you’d like to study, such as Canada, Russia or any other country of your choice; and then select the category such as MBBS, MBA or any other UG or PG course.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for admission?

A: Every University and program has different admission criteria for students. For criteria details you need to submit a “Let Us Know Your Study Options” form to contact the institute directly.

Q: Is scholarships available for students?

A: Scholarships are available for certain universities for the meritorious students. The most convenient way to find out if anyone is eligible for scholarships is to contact the institute directly through the “Let Us Know Your Study Options” form. You can also visit our scholarships which has some general information about scholarships for international students.

Q: Is IELTS necessary for admission abroad?

A: Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany etc. require a good score for IELTS, whereas Russia, Ukraine, China, Belarus etc. doesn’t ask for the same. You can learn more and about IELTS here.

Q: What is the minimum expenditure for studying abroad?

A: Expenses depends on the universities considering Tuition fees, Accommodation, Food etc. If the fees are not listed, you can submit “Apply Now” form directly to the school.